We perform fund raising activities through equity allocation, for clients seeking capital to expand their existing line of business, acquisitions, new ventures and ideas. The strong experience our team possesses in the sphere of private equity, allows us to identify the most apposite partners and help structure the transaction in the most optimal manner.


Our strong relationship with the key decision makers of different private equity and venture capital investors across the globe has rendered us with a deep insight of their operations, philosophy and nature. Through this expertise, we have been able to successfully deliver solutions that are tailor made for our clients and their specific requirements.


We provide the companies with the required thrust that helps them reach their next phase of growth.


Our team assists our clients at every stage of the Equity Funding Cycle.


Equity funding cycle

  1. Seed funding: We provide advice on seed funding for ventures that are creating their initial product or service and assistance with conceptualization and securing finances.
  2. Venture Capital: We facilitate advice to start up companies regarding financial capital and sourcing investments.
  3. Private Equity: We primarily advise organizations to get private equity investments for expansion, acquisitions, development of a new product or service and/or restructuring the organization’s operation and management.

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