We serve a large number of companies across various industries in fund raising through plain vanilla loans, structured products inlcuding off-balance sheet financing, etc. Our team of debt experts possess an extensive understanding of lender dynamics, which enables us to serve clients with different requirements, be it in regard to a specific project or related to acquisition, expansion, working capital resources or for cost optimization.


Through close association, we identify clients debt requirement and develop appropriate strategies accordingly. Close relationships with bankers and non-banking financial corporations across India has allowed us to develop apt capital raising strategies for your organization and competently manage your capital syndication engagements in a cost-effective and timely manner.


We have created a comprehensive collection of advisory services supporting resource raising. Our team works diligently to provide you with the best capital structure, to make your business operations flow smoothly and offer a healthy equilibrium between equity and debt.


The services suite offered to you under debt solutions comprise of:


  1. Term Loans
  2. Working Capital Finance
  3. Lease Discounting
  4. Foreign Currency Loans
  5. Letter of Credit
  6. Bank Guarantee
  7. Debt Re-structuring
  8. Advance Disbursement Facility (ADF)
  9. Mortgage Loan
  10. External Commercial Borrowings
  11. Advising On Cost Reduction
  12. Import Finance for Indian Corporates

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