We believe that mergers and acquisitions provide a robust growth environment to establishments. Our team offers competent M&A solutions to clients intending to enter a new market or expand their business or hive off an existing business line. The end to end solutions provide our clients,  assistance in identifying potential partners and support till the deal is closed successfully.


Our experts possess deep sector knowledge as well as experience in delivering best class solutions for multiple cross-border deals. For a reliable and long-term association, we are vigilant that conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of interest are sorted out before any client is signed for an M&A transaction.


We provide both buy-side and sell-side advisory as part of our M&A practice.


The transaction process is the most vital element to influence the benefits and profitability of a merger or an acquisition. To make your vision a reality we support you in the entire M&A transaction process which includes:

  1. Identifying potential targets and their present as well as future market value
  2. Evaluation and strategic planning for the merger or acquisition
  3. Negotiating terms and valuation regarding purchase agreement
  4. Arranging required finance for a smooth transaction
  5. Closing the transaction

“People expect good service but few are willing to give it – Robert Gately